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China has one big advantage in the race to build the car of the future

China could simply take the lead in the self-driving vehicle market because of its capacity to create regulatory decisions relatively fast, in accordance with a investment advisory firm. Driver less tech is one of the sources of disturbance which conventional automakers are confronting now. While lots of U.S. start-ups and huge companies have been extensively working with this brand new technology, there's another crucial element to consider in the industry marketplace, Michael Dunne, president at Dunne Automotive. There's more to this than just technology.

Legislation matters a lot, Dunne mentioned. Given how the new driver-less technology is, regulators will need to do a lot of work to business up laws that will govern autonomous driving in the future. This, according to Dunne, is where China and Chinese companies have an edge on account of the way the decision making process works in Beijing. He explained the Chinese government may, and can, ease autonomous driving prior to we are in the United States, for example. China can simply take the lead very easily because with the.


It isn't without precedent here in China they make a decision and tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., the expressway out of Guangzhou to Shenzhen is now autonomous-only. Any objections? Ok great, here we go, he explained for instance of how quickly decision-making could work in the country, that will be governed by one political party. At exactly the exact same period, Chinese companies are also catching up using their Silicon Valley counterparts in regards to developing more sophisticated driver-less technology. This has been done by major Chinese investments to California to run research and development around autonomous technology, Dunne reported.

By way of instance, earlier this year, Uber competition Didi Chuxing put up a development and research center in Mountain View, California. A team of scientists, engineers and researchers will start looking in the use of artificial intelligence in smart and security driving technologies, the company said. I'm talking about huge amounts of dollars, tens and thousands of employees -- gaining outstanding talent from Apple, Google, and Tesla to say 'Hey we'll do our R&D at California, designing in California, we will commercialize in China.' That's the formula to try to find, he included.