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BEI sets target for average daily transaction at Rp9 trillion

Even the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) sets on its own target for daily trades at Rp9 trillion on the typical at 2018, up from ordinary daily trade target of Rp7.75 trillion for 2017. The mark is set in the Working Plan and Annual Budget (RKAT) for 2018, BEI Chief Executive Tito Sulistio said later inventing the 2018 RKAT in a bankers extraordinary general meeting here on Wednesday. The goal of ordinary daily trades is predicated on a number of assumptions such as urgency with Indonesian financial increase, Tito Sulistio explained.

The mark is also predicated on the rise in Indonesias rating to investment level by international rating agencies and potential gain in the number of new investors and initial public offering to be established by greater businesses and optimization of stock market products such as LQ45 Futures and also Indonesia Government Bond Futures. The premise of this average daily trades for 2018 can be dependent on the onset of PT Pendanaan Efek Indonesia to seriously flow, Tito explained. Tito Sulistio explained that a succession of initiatives are attracted to reality by taking into consideration several assumptions of macroeconomic indexes byBEI including economic growth in 2018 in 5.4 per cent and inflation at 3.5 percentage with deviation of 1 percentage point.


Meanwhile the standard rate of interest of Bank Indonesia (7-day Repo Rate) is estimated to be approximately 4.25 percentage, moderate rupiah value at 13,400 per U.S. dollar and investment growth by overseas and local investors could fix the countrys balance of payments. Tito Sulistio also said that BEI would still continue to fortify the BEI associates (securities organizations) in increasing the number of shareholders.

In a bid to increase engagement of shareholders, BEI and also BEI members could continue to carry out a collection of activities around Indonesia beneath the campaigns of Yuk Nabung Saham, also open 34 representative offices in 34 provinces and 400 galleries of Stock Exchange Investment in a variety of universities in Indonesia, he explained.

He explained BEI coordinates with the Indonesia Capital Market Institute (TICMI) in providing education and training to increase competence of the BEI associates and employees of the stock exchange holding the permit of security trader adviser(WPPE), security difficulty guarantor representative (WPEE), and investment manager representative (WMI).