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BCA reports Rp16.8 trillion in profit

The countrys third largest creditor in advantage PT Bank Central Asia reported Rp16.8 trillion in net profit from the first 9 weeks of the year or an increase of 11.3 percent in Rp15.1 trillion in precisely the same span last year. President Director of the publicly traded bank Jahja Setiaatmadja imputed the increase in net profit to 13.9 per cent growth in credits and 10.6 percent growth in fee based income year-on-year. The banks operating income grew 5.2 per cent to Rp41.7 trillion at the first nine months of this year with interest income at Rp30.97 trillion and non-interest earning at Rp10.7 billion.

The banks out standing credit reached Rp440 trillion by the end of September 2017 or an increase of 13.9 per cent from a year earlier in the day. Although credits already grew by 13.9 percent in the first fourteen months, Jahja decided to be more conservative in establishing the mark saying credit before end of the year is anticipated to rise just by 9 percent. Demand for credit hasn't yet been strong enough but increase is expected in the previous quarter of the calendar year, he said.

From September 20 17, company credits of the bank reached Rp161.5 billion or a increase of 21.2 percent year-on-year; consumer credit rose 20.6 per cent to Rp128.3 trillion and commercial credit and credit for small and medium enterprises grew 2.4 percentage to Rp150 trillion. From the credit rating portfolio, house ownership credit (KPR) climbed 26.8 percent to Rp78.8 trillion, Jahja said.

Credits for motor vehicles and credit card per grew 11.4 percent to Rp38.5 trillion and 13.4 percentage to Rp11 trillion. The grade of BCAs credits is represented by its non performing loan ratio of just 1.5 percent or the same as from the next quarter last year. Its charge loss provision ratio is 190.8 per cent.

Ahja said he'd not a problem to be faced by BCA in liquidity. Its own loan to finance ratio is 74.7 percent well safe below the maximum limit of 92 percent as set by the central bank. The liquidity is supported by the 3rd funds, that grew 16.5 percent to Rp574.4 trillion. The percentage of cheap capital (CASA) was outstanding at 74.5 per cent or Rp428 trillion of the complete number of 3rd party financing.

Meanwhile deposits totaled 3-6 percent to Rp146.4 trillion. Based on the amounts of third party credits and funds, the banks resources climbed 12.1 per cent from Rp738.2 billion to Rp739.88 billion.