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Tourism Ministry holds coordination to boost foreign tourist arrivals

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism held a coordination meeting with the Sarawak government, Malaysia, to optimize events in boundary areas in a bid to attain the goal of bringing foreign tourists in 20 17. To optimize events in boundary locations, we demand various parties, like the Consul General in the Republic of Indonesia in Kuching, the boundary provincial tourism industry, the tourism area of the city or district in the boundary region, and the government of Sarawak, Head of Promotion of Cultural Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism Ni Putu Gayatri commented at the sidelines of some coordination meeting held to optimize border events in Kuching, last Monday.

Gayatri said development in boundary areas had been one of the priorities of President Joko Widodos management. President Joko Widodo would like to begin development from the border areas in an attempt to regenerate the market in the frontier, outermost, and distant places, she said. Even the Ministry of Tourism continues to promote cross-border tourism, as it might cause new destinations.


One of those efforts is holding a coordination meeting at the Imperial Hotel, Kuching, Malaysia, on October 2-3, 2017. The meeting was also attended by Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Kuching Jahar Gultom, Head of the West Kalimantan Provincial Tourism Office Kartius, Deputy District Head of Sambas Hairiah, Sanggau Youth and Sport Agency Head Fransiskus Meron, Regional Secretary of Kapuas Hulu Muhammad Sukri Sulaiman, and a representative of this Sarawak Transportation Agency Hilary Boha.

She said the coordination meeting was aimed toward aligning the vision and mission of stakeholders involved in promoting border tourism. The meeting also called on the Sarawak government to offer citizens ease from crossing the Malaysian State Border Post, she said. Gayatri said Indonesias border region holds immense possibility, because it has natural beauty, civilizations, along with culinary delicacies.

Furthermore, tourism could be among the capacity to improve the economy of this community, she said. In 20-16, a few hundred million tourists from boundary areas had visited Indonesia. Meanwhile in 2017, the amount of foreign tourists has been targeted to increase to 2.5 million, during 2018, the mark will be raised to 3.146 million.

The tourism ministrys deputy minister for international promotion I Gde Pitana early in the day said that 217 events were prepared at the cross country area. In Riau Islands, Batam and Bintan still attract the highest number of foreign tourists. With 110 activities prearranged, Batam and Bintan are projected to bring 2.187 million foreign tourists, accompanied closely by 35 events prepared for four places in East Nusa Tenggara and likely to record 399 thousand foreign tourists.

A total of 12 events are readied in five elements of Papua, and also 169 million foreign tourists are required to get there through Papua. A few 28 events have been prepared in five aspects of West Kalimantan, with a target of 155 thousand foreign tourists. Riau has proposed 2-2 events in several places, with a target of 139 thousand foreign tourists.

North Kalimantan, together with just two border locations, has spanned three occasions with an objective of 82 million foreign tourists. Meanwhile, North Sulawesi, with three edge areas, has prepared seven events, with a target of 1-3 million foreign tourists. East Kalimantan has set a target of drawing two million foreign tourists.