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Indonesian tea attracts American buyer

Exotic tea products, which featured at the Explore Indonesia: Ikat and Also Tea Festival held in Santa Monica, California, attracted American buyers. During the nation branding celebration to support Indonesian services and products getting into the US market, tea learn Inggrie Wijaya offered with the first Indonesian tea along with special spices of the archipelago. Several tea creations displayed within this Tea Bar made use of some combination of original Indonesian tea along with the countrys typical herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and lemongrass.

The new flavors resulting from the mix of the ingredients bring visitors, Head of both Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Los Angeles, Antonius Budiman, explained in a press release. The flavours made with pure elements are organic and natural spiced black tea latte, natural lemongrass jasmine tea, in addition to organic lemongrass ginger tea infused with lemon juice. Using pure ingredients has turned into vital to compete in the US industry because it's going to aid in drawing people enthusiasm, Budiman said.


The potential of the tea market in the United States is very huge, attaining about US$462 million. The US Tea Association noticed that the Americans consumed roughly 84 billion cups of tea 20-16. An boost in US tea ingestion trend is represented by means of an growth in Indonesian tea exports to the US. We assume that this Indonesian tea promotion to carry on being persistent to ensure Indonesias tea export to the US may increase, Antonius re-marked.

Indonesias absolute tea exports to the US in 2016 achieved US$8.8 million, an increase of 33 per cent in 2015. The export composition of most Indonesian tea products to the American marketplace consists of 78 percent black tea and also 1-9 percent greentea. At the moment, Indonesia is ranked 12th as a tea-exporting country for the United States. The top three tea exporting countries for the US are China, Argentina, and India.