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Chamber to synchronize policies with government

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will synchronize its policies to local businesses with the governments policies, even together with the intention of fabricating job areas while, in the same time, reducing economic poverty and gap. Head of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rosan Roeslani, said that throughout the 2017 National Coordination Meeting, his office will gather tactical responses from business makers, that will then be communicated with all the administration.

We will gather strategic feedback from your firms, and we will populate our measures with the authorities policies, he said in Jakarta on Tuesday. He further noticed that in the moment, his office aims to increase the invention of occupations required to be supported with the governments policies involving the formation of a conducive small business climate, economic progress, and the progress of the national business fields competitiveness. He hoped for the formation of occupation fields in order to greatly lessen poverty and financial difference.


During the 2017 National Coordination Meeting of the Chamber, all company businesses simultaneously organize with the us government via technical ministries. The room divides the areas and sectors to 14 principal clusters, for example vitamin, coal, and electrical tools, and also the oil and gas industry and renewable energy and surroundings, and throughout the meeting.

There are also the finance and banking sectors, along with funding industry, investment, monetary policy, and fiscal businesses. Clusters in industry and trade, Small-Medium Enterprises, collaboration, creative market, and tech creation start-ups may also be contained. Lastly, you will find clusters from the agro-business, food, forestry, farming, in addition to maritime and fishery industries.